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Welcome to Punta Gorda Family Physical Therapy!  We are a private practice offering one-on-one individualized care for all ages.  We value patient-focused, high quality therapy.  We are highly trained with over 20 years of experience.  Our services include Pelvic Therapy to Spinal and Joint Care.  Come see the difference today!

I believe in personalized one to one patient-focused treatment plans as unique as every one of our patients. I pledge to be your biggest supporter and a partner in your healthcare, as I strive to get you back on the road of recovery.  I address concerns before they stop you from enjoying life.  What I value in a healthcare provider are the same key elements I provide to my patients.

my philosophy

One-on-One Customized Treatments

All therapy and training sessions are entirely one-on-one with your physical therapist, tailored specifically for your needs. I believe in listening to my patients and delivering individualized treatments for your needs.

Empowering through Education

I strive to empower, educate and deliver patient-centered care to help you understand your condition fully. An educated patient is a compliant patient.

Focused on Wellness and Prevention

I am a proponent of preventative care. Don’t wait until you have an injury or pain to seek care. Waiting to receive therapy is costly and requires a significant amount of health care services and time lost doing the the things you love. Regular physical “tune-ups” are not only encouraged, but recommended to keep you active and pain-free.

Proven Treatment Outcomes

I have specialized training in women’s health, spinal and sacral joint conditions, and activity specific exercise. With over 20 years of experience, you can feel assured you're receiving therapy that is backed by current research, allowing for a faster recovery.


I believe in personalized one-on-one patient-focused treatment plans as unique as every one of my patients. I pledge to be your biggest supporter and a partner in your healthcare, as I strive to get you back on the road of recovery. What I value in a healthcare provider are the same key elements I provide to my patients.

I have over 20 years of experience in orthopedics, women’s health post surgical conditions of the spine and joints, bringing a wealth of advanced and skilled techniques to my clients.  My background includes specialized training from the Herman & Wallace Institute in Women’s and Men’s Health and advanced training in Strategic Orthopedics, through the American Back Pain Center.  In addition, I’m a certified Hesch Sacroiliac practitioner.  My main values are patient education, empowerment and delivering patient-centered treatment plans with exceptionally high outcomes.

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Pelvic floor therapy evaluates and treats pain, weakness, and dysfunction in the pelvic floor muscles.  The goal of pelvic floor physical therapy is to restore a higher level of mobility, movement and healthy function.  Physical therapy is an effective, non-invasive treatment approach that has excellent outcomes before surgery.  Posture and body mechanics play a large role in pelvic dysfunction requiring the therapist to focus on the patient as a whole and not isolate just the problem area. Any woman who may be experiencing any discomfort or dysfunction of the pelvic region will benefit from pelvic floor physical therapy.  Postpartum women especially are vulnerable to pelvic floor dysfunction due to the physical changes undergone through pregnancy and childbirth.  The following are just some of the many conditions I treat related to pelvic floor pain and/or dysfunction.  


Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Pain or Dysfunction with Intercourse

Lower back pain


Pelvic Pain

Abdominal Pain

Postpartum Care

Hip Pain

Groin Pain

Male Pelvic Pain

Conditions we treat

Patient-Focused and Detailed

Excellent Outcomes

Punta Gorda Family Physical Therapy is a full-service physical therapy clinic.  Whether you are suffering from joint pain, spinal pain, or recovering from a recent surgery, I can help you regain pain-free motion and improve your strength and function.  I encourage you to call or send me a message if you have any concerns or questions about your condition before you start physical therapy. I will take the time to educate and explain every step of therapy and how our patient-focused programs can get you back to your absolute best.  Check out some of the many conditions Punta Gorda Family PT can help you with.



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